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  • Todd Turner: Pro-Line PRO-2 On The Podium

    Took my Pro-Line PRO-2 with EVO body and ION tires to finish 2nd place at T & T Speedway. Andy Gray got 1st and was using the Pro-Line EVO body also on his Team Durango. What a great race with Andy. Thanks to Pro-Line for the best products.

  • Pro-Line’s Ty Tessmann and Drew Moller go 1-2 at Gun Smoke!

    IERC Raceway held its 3rd Annual Gun Smoke Classic at the huge indoor clay race track located in San Bernardino California. This year featured a special Gun Slinger Class that was a combined 2wd & 4wd Pro class with a Double Barrel Shot Gun going to the winner. Pro-Line’s Ty Tessmann decided to come down from […]

  • RCoverload: Pro-Line Racing PRO-MT Kit Build PT 3 – Knuckles & Aluminum Carriers

    Here we go with some more Aluminum upgrades right out of the box of this Pro-Line PRO-MT Truck! These few parts will certainly be a huge improvement to the truck! With the carrier and the hex nuts being aluminum right out of the box stock. Not only dose it make the truck look nice, but […]

  • Galen McCreary Takes the Turkey in 2WD and 4WD on Pro-Line Electrons

    Yesterday I attended the Thanksgiving Turkey Run held at Sparks Park in Columbus, OH. With a tire game starting to unfold it seemed. Nathan Clark put in a solid run and was able to hold a TQ in the first 2 rounds in 2 Wheel Mod. In round 3, I took a huge gamble and went out […]

  • Jacob Hardison Smooths out the Bumps and Jumps on Pro-Line Suburbs

    On the 9th of November, I traveled to Bumps and Jumps in Goldsboro, PA. That day I ran Short Course and used the MC Suburbs 2.0 Tires. I used them while mounted to F-11 wheels. I also used the EVO SC body which I love. That day I was able to take 2nd in the […]

  • RCNEWZ: Pro-Line Pro-2 Action Video

    This is a quick action video of me bashing my Pro-Line PRO-2 SC Short Course Truck. Build pictures: Unboxing and Build Video:…

  • Sousa wins Northern RC Series Race #4

    I travelled to Barrie Ontario this weekend to the 4th installment of the Northern RC Series . I had my Hot Bodies D413 dialed in with my Pro-Line Pin Point Carpet tires. I had awesome grip all day along with the forgiveness to help me stay on my wheels. I ended up taking the TQ and […]

  • Todd Turner: Pro-Line Electron Tires Are Awesome!

    I got 3rd place at T & T Speedway in 2wd Buggy using the Pro-Line Electron tires. They are awesome! The car is Dialed! Now I gotta work on more driving skill. Thanks to my sponsors: Pro-Line and Hobby Pro USA.

  • David Jenson Smokes the competition using Pro-Line Electrons

    The 3rd annual Gun Smoke Classic at IERC Raceway in San Bernardino, California went off over the weekend with 305 entries! The race consisted of 3 rounds of 5-minute IFMAR qualifying utilizing qual-points with triple 6-minute A-Mains. The fast track layout resulted in some very exciting racing for the two day event. In the PRO 4 class TLR David […]

  • RCoverload – Proline Racing Pro-MT Kit Build – PT 2 – Front Control Arms

    Come take a look at how too install the front control arms and the front aluminum hinge pin brace on the Pro-Line Racing PRO-MT truck! Its very easy to do, just make sure they are facing the correct direction by having the flat side facing upwards. Its also nice too see that Pro-Line has taken […]