How to Tips: Tire Mounting

Ty Tessmann Demonstrates His Gluing Technique

One of the most important factors in radio control car setup is properly mounted tires.  Some of the most important parts of tire mounting include venting wheels or tires,  aligning the tire and foam on the wheel, trimming  the foam (when using open cell foam), and cleaning and gluing the bead. We have highlighted these processes in the steps that follow so that you too can have perfectly mounted tires every time. You can also can skip this step entirely by purchasing Pro-Line Premounted Tires which are available in many popular combinations.

What You Will Need:

Here is the stuff you will need: reamer or sharp hobby knife, Pro-Line Tire Bands, Pro-Line Tire Glue, all-purpose cleaner or isopropyl alcohol.

Step 1: Vent the Wheels

Proper tire ventilation will yield the best and most consistent traction. Using your reamer or hobby knife, carefully ream two holes on opposite sides of the wheel. These are pre-marked on Pro-Line wheels. This will allow the tire to "breathe" when running on rough surfaces or landing off of big jumps.

Failure to vent your wheels and tires properly may result in the over expanding of the tire and the tearing of the tread or the sidewall.

For 1:8 tires, instead of venting the wheel, you may want to vent the tire itself by punching holes in the tread with a leather punch.

Step 2: Clean your Tires and Wheels

Residual lubricants from the manufacturing process need to be removed from the gluing surfaces with a lint free towel and an all-purpose cleaner that will not leave behind any additional residue. Simple Green, Windex, and isopropyl alcohol are some favorites.

Step 3: Foam Installation

For best all around performance, most Pro-Line tires include closed cell (blue) foam which requires no trimming and come installed.

However, for tires which include open cell (white) foam, it is best to trim the foam to match the profile of the tire. Using scissors, trim all four "corners" or edges of the insert. This prevents the foam from bunching in the sidewalls and over the rim flanges.

Step 4: Wheel and Tire Assembly

Your tire and wheel are ready to come together. Push the tire over the wheel and seat the beads. Remember to check the orientation for directional tires. When the tire bead appears to be properly aligned between the rim's mounting flanges, give the assembly a spin to make sure it is true and realign as needed.

Step 5: Seat your foam

With the foam inserted and the tires in place on the wheel, roll the tire back and forth between your hands in to check the foam and tire bead are properly seated onto the wheel.

Step 6: Gluing

Before gluing the tire to the wheel, place a Pro-Line Tire Band around the outside edge of the tire being glued. This ensures a tightly bonded, true tire with a gap-free bead. Pull a section of the tire bead up and away from the rim just enough to wet it with glue, then lower the bead back into place. Wetting the bead with ample glue helps it slip back into place while using too little glue here may not allow enough time to reseat the bead. Work your way around the tire gluing small sections until you have glued the entire bead.

Finally run a thin layer of glue around the outer edge of the bead. Set the wheel aside and allow plenty of drying time before moving to the other side.

Repeat Process for each Tire.

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